Terms and conditions of use
Terms and conditions of use

Article 1 (Purpose) 

The terms and conditions define the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the " Company " and the users in relation to the use of all relevant services provided by " Company " (M.I.Korea).

Article 2 (Definition) 

The terms used in this Agreement are defined as follows : 

It is said that " M-Korea " is a company run by the company

② " Service " means the delivery of goods and services provided by " Company " regardless of the method of implementation (online or offline).

③ " User " shall mean a member and non-members who accessed a " pen dream " and used the " service " provided by " company " under this Agreement. 

④ " Membership " means a user who has agreed to the collection, provision, and use of the contents of this contract and personal information, then applied for membership registration, and allowed the company to register its membership. 

⑤ " Non-member " means a customer who uses the service without signing up as a member of the company. 

⑥ " Identity " (ID) is a combination of the letters and numbers designated by " members " and approved by " company " for the identification and use of " services " as shown in the name of the member's purchase dream.

⑥ Password " is used to match the combination with the member for whom the person accesses the word " boolgbot dream " to protect the members ' personal information or checks whether the " ID " specifies the member.

⑧ " Mana " means virtual data on the " service " that does not have any property value that the company can voluntarily assign, pay, or adjust for the efficient use of the service. 

⑥ Dream medal (" Bomok Dream Point " or " Point " depending on the context) means the customer service point that is provided to purchase goods or services in the Bob-mok Dream PXP.

◗ " Post " describes the various types of information files, such as symbols, letters, audio, audio, videos, and so on, posted on the " Service Awards " in relation to the use of " Service " by " Members. "

Article 3 (Publishing and revising the terms and conditions) 

① The " Company " will post the contents of these terms and conditions on the initial screen of the service so that the " members " can easily identify them. 

② The " Company " may not violate the related laws (the " Information Communication Network Act "), " the Act on the Promotion of Information Service Network Utilization and Information Protection, " and so on. 

③ If the " Company " wishes to revise and apply the terms and conditions, it must notify the amended terms and conditions on the initial screen of the service with the current terms and conditions. The amended terms and conditions shall apply 15 days after the date of notification. 

④ If, according to the provisions of the previous paragraph, the company does not withdraw its membership within 15 days from the date that the amendment terms and conditions are announced, it is regarded that it has agreed to the amendment terms and conditions.

Article 4 (Rules other than Terms and Conditions) 

Matters or interpretations not set forth in this Agreement shall be subject to the relevant statutes or commercial practices.

Article 5 (Contract for use) 

① The service contract is applied after the " member " (the " subscriber ") agrees to collect, provide, and use of the terms and conditions and personal information. However, if you are under 14 years old, you can not sign up as a member.

② In principle, the " Company " agrees to use the " service " for the application of the " subscriber ". However, the " Company " may reject applications falling under any of the following conditions or cancel the service contract after a later date : 

1. In the event that a subscriber has previously lost his/her membership under these terms and conditions, however, the member's consent is granted after one year has expired. 

2. If the real name is not or the name is used 

3. If false information is recorded or information requested by the " Company " is not provided 

③ As a result of the approval pursuant to paragraph 1, " Company " can request real name verification and authentication through a professional organization depending on the type of " member. " 

④ The " Company " can defer approval on the basis of the service related bills or if there is a technical or business problem. 

⑤ In the event that a member's application for membership is not accepted or reserved in accordance with paragraphs 2 and 4, the " Company " shall in principle inform the applicant for registration. 

⑥ The service contract is established when the application procedure indicates that the company has accepted the application from the " subscriber ". 

⑥ " Company " can categorize the service using time, number of times, and service menu according to the company policy according to categorize the service based on the company policy.

⑧ For " Company ", it is allowed to set a certain level of service by designating a member's level and age compliance with the laws for promoting film and video products and the youth protection law.

Article 6 (Changes in member information) 

① The " members " can access and modify their personal information at any time using the Personal Information Management screen. However, the real name, resident registration number, and ID required for service management can not be modified. 

② If the details entered at the time of sign - up change, the member shall make online corrections or notify the changes to the " Company " in other ways. 

③ The " Company " shall not be held liable for any disadvantages caused by failure to inform the " Company " of the changes in paragraph 2.

Article 7 (Personal Information Protection Duty) 

 The company makes efforts to protect the members ' personal information in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws, such as the Information Communication Network Act. For the protection and use of personal information, the relevant law and the privacy policy of " Company " apply. However, the privacy statement of " Company " does not apply to linked sites other than the official site of " Company ".

Article 8 (Duty for the management of " ID " and " password " of " member ") 

① The " members " shall be responsible for the management of the " ID " and " password " of the " members " and shall not be used by a third party. 

② In the event that the " Company " may cause leakage of personal information, violate anti-social or non-converged conditions, or limit it to the " Company " and " Company " operators. 

③ If the " members " recognize that the " ID " and " password " are stolen or used by a third party, they must immediately notify it to the " company " and follow the " Company " instructions. 

④ The company shall not be held liable for any disadvantages caused by the member's failure to notify the " Company " in relation to paragraph 3 or by failure to comply with the " Company " guidelines even if the member " does not.

Article 9 (Notice to " Members ") 

① If the " Company " makes a notification about " members ", it may be notified through posting on the login screen or on the notice board of " Company ", or by sending electronic mail and mail unless otherwise stipulated in this contract.

② The " Company " can substitute the notifications in paragraph 1 through posting on the notice board of " Company " for some or all " members " for more than seven days.

Article 10 (Duty of " Company ") 

① The company does not engage in acts that are prohibited or contrary to the related laws or terms and conditions, and tries its best to continuously and reliably provide " services. " 

② The " Company " must be equipped with a security system to protect personal information (including credit information) so that the " service " can not be communicated by " members " and shall publish and comply with the policy on handling personal information. 

③ If the " Company " admits that the opinions or complaints raised by " Members " are justifiable in relation to the service use, it must handle them.

Article 11 (Duty of " Membership ") 

① The " member " shall comply with the relevant statutes, regulations on these terms and conditions, instructions for use, and precautions, and shall not interfere with the work of other " company ". 

② No " member " shall use the " service " to conduct any commercial act without prior consent from " company ". 

③ " Members " shall not copy, replicate, modify, translate, publish, broadcast or otherwise use the information obtained using the " service " without prior consent from " Company " or provide information to others. 

④ If any of the details in the application form are changed, the member shall notify the company of any changes using the method the company directs. 

⑤ " Members " shall not perform any of the following acts in relation to the use of " services " : 

1. An act to constitute the ID (ID) of another " member " 

2. Activities intended for or associated with criminal acts 

3. Actions detrimental to good manners and other social order 

4. The act of defaming or insulting the reputation of " Company " or other third parties 

5. An act to violate the rights of others to intellectual property 

6. An act to illegally sell used cars in direct transactions 

7. An act to print false information when registering a used car for sale 

8. The act of harming others by dealing in used cars

9. hacking or computer virus spreading 

10. An act to continuously transmit certain contents, such as advertising information, against the will of others 

11. Any action that may interfere or threaten the stable operation of the " service " 


13. Actions judged to have a detrimental effect on the overall operation of the " Company " 


Article 12 (provision of " services " etc.) 

① The " Company " provides the following " services " to the " members. " 

1. Ad agency service

2. Bulletin Service (Archive, News, etc.)

3. Any services provided to " members " by " Company " after further development or through a partnership contract with another company 

② The " Company " can designate a separate usable time for each range by dividing the " Service " into a certain range. 

③ In principle, the " service " is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a year.