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Privacy Policy

1. The purpose of handling personal information (' mikorea ') is to process personal information for the following purposes and is not to be used for purposes other than :

- Check customer sign - up, identify yourself according to the service provided to the customer, and maintain authentication and membership.Payment of the amount according to the care, supply of goods or services, delivery, etc.

2. Processing and retention period of personal information

① (' mikorea ') holds or uses the personal information that has been agreed to during the retention and utilization period or within the legal period when collecting personal information from the information subjects.

② Detailed personal information processing and retention period are as follows :

☞ Refer to the examples below to record the retention period and relevant statutes and grounds for handling personal information and handling work.

(Example) - Registration and management of clients : Until the time of service contract or membership cancellation, but until settlement of debt and liability relation settlement in the remaining debt and debt relationship.

- Records of contract / subscription withdrawal, payment, goods, etc. in electronic commerce : 5 years 


3. Notes on the 3rd party provision of personal information

① (' Mikorea ') provides personal information only to persons falling under Articles 17 and 18 of the Privacy Act, including consent from the information subjects and special provisions of the law.

② (' http://mi-korea.co.kr ') provides personal information to third parties as follows :



- Personal information provider : MPA Korea

- Purpose of recipient personal information use : Email, password and login ID

- Retain the recipients.Period of use : Forever


4. Commissioning the Personal Information Processing

① (' Mikorea ') For smooth handling of personal information services, the following are entrusted to process personal information :


- Consignee (Depositor) : Web drifter

- Contents of Commissioned Operation : Home Page Management

- Commissioning period : Discard it without delay.

② (' Mikorea '), under the terms and conditions of the consignment contract, the client is prohibited from handling personal information such as the purpose of the Personal Information Protection Act (Article 25), the technical and administrative protective measures,

③ In the event the details of consigned tasks or the Licensee's change, the information will be disclosed without delay through this Privacy Policy. 


① At any time, the information principal may exercise the rights related to the protection of personal information in the following cases :

1. Require access to personal information

2. Request correction if there are any errors

3. Request for deletion

4. Request to stop processing


6. Create items for personal information handling 

① (' http://mi-korea.co.kr ' or ' mikorea ') deals with the following privacy items :


- Prerequisites : Email, Login ID

- Optional : Home Address


7. In principle, ' mikorea ' destroys the personal information without delay if the purpose of handling personal information is achieved. Procedure, expiration date, and method for disposal are as follows.

- Disposal procedures

The information entered by the user is transferred to a separate database after achieving the purpose (separate documents for paper) and stored in accordance with internal policies and other related statutes before being destroyed immediately. At this time, the personal information transferred to the database can not be used for any other purpose except under the law.

- expiration date

In the event that a user's personal information is expired within five days from the date the personal information is held, the personal information is achieved within five days from the date the personal information is retained.


8. Installation, operation, and rejection of personal information collection devices

① For the purpose of providing personalized service, mikorea uses the cookie, which is used to store and recall the information frequently. ② Cookies are a small amount of information sent by the server used to run the website to the users ' computer browsers and are also stored on hard disks inside their PC computers. go The purpose of the cookie is to determine the type of visit and use of each service and websites you visit, popular search term, security access status, and so on, and to provide information optimized for you. I Installation, Operation, and Reject : Tools at the top of your web browser > Internet Options > You can use the Options settings on the Privacy menu to deny cookies from being saved. All If you refuse to save cookies, you may find it difficult to use custom services.


9. Prepare the Personal Information Protection Manager

① As shown below, the mikorea (' . ') is responsible for the task of handling personal information and is responsible for handling complaints and damages to the information subjects concerned with handling personal information.

▶ Personal information protection provider 

Name : Kang Mi Sook

Position : Representative

Position : Representative

Contact : 051-972-3937, mik_1001@naver.com, 051-972-3938

※ You will be transferred to the department responsible for personal information protection.

▶ Department for Personal Information Protection

Subsample : Kang Mi Sook

Personnel in charge : Ministry of Government Administration

Contact : 051-972-3937, mik_1001@naver.com, 051-972-3938

② The information principal is responsible for the personal information protection, complaints handling, and damage caused by using the service (or business) of the mikorea (' . ') or lower. Mikorea (' mikorea ') and ' mikorea ' will answer and process the information subject's questions without delay.


10. Changing the privacy policy

① This Privacy Policy is applied from the date of enforcement. In the event of any changes according to the statutes, regulations, and policies, a notice shall be posted seven days before the change is implemented.


11. The measures to secure the safety of personal information (' mikorea ') are carried out in accordance with Article 29 of the Privacy Act, in accordance with the technical and administrative measures required to secure safety.

1. Establishing and implementing internal management plans

POSCO E&C establishes and implements internal management plans for safe handling of personal information.

2. Encryption of personal information

The user's personal information is stored and managed with encrypted passwords, so only he or she can know about the password, and the important data is encrypted with separate files and transfer data or using the file security features.

3. Access control for nonconformists

POSCO E&C establishes and operates procedures for controlling access to physical storage spaces where personal information is stored.